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Herbert Castro
I am really impressed with the number of diving sites and so much info about them. Love the design. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful and easy to use scuba diving application.
Shawn Hubbard
Great application for experienced divers and diving amateurs. I will definitely share as much as I can, hope it helps somebody to find and know more about diving. I see great chances for it to become one of the biggest diving network.
Alexander Flores
Love the app. I found all the spots I`ve dived with real cool photos and description of dive places. All the necessary information for divers without any mess. Looking forward to booking my future dive trip through the App.
Jonathan Dunn
The new version pleased me so much. As I have dived quite a lot, it took time to find the spots, leave comments and upload photos. I personally like the titles and nice notifications inside the app. So funny!
Darrell Cooper
Love the idea of making it a little game for divers. As soon as I got the first title, couldn’t stop sharing to see what is next. The application is really helpful for divers of all levels. As for me, I found a dozen of must visit spots for my next holiday.
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